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Lost Touch?

If you struggle with praying this is for you. It seems so simple. It’s just talking to God right? Why do so many of us struggle to do it? We are too busy, too tired, too ….fill in the blank. The list is endless. We set aside time for emails, texts, Facebook, friends, kids, family, work, play, even church. Are you setting aside time to pray? Waiting until the end of the day when you finally lay your head on your pillow to close your eyes may seem practical, but it is certainly not effective. We fall asleep. God deserves more than just our last fleeting effort of the day before we drift off to sleep. So what can you do about it? In our hectic life we simply have to schedule time for God. If we don’t, he will get pushed to the end of the list or even off the list. Praying is not rocket science either. It’s easy to get caught up in not knowing what to say or how to say it. Praying is simply talking to God. Start with praise and thanks. Then have some time of true repentance. Pray for others and lastly pray for yourself. You can just talk to God too. Tell him how your day was. Tell him your heart. It’s a two way street. God wants to know you too. How can he know you if you never talk to him? You can do this.

Weekly Prayer Request


2014 Family Camp Meeting

Please pray that God would have His way in every part of this    year’s camp

Missionaries visiting Oklahoma in July:

Joey and Christina Bir (Paraguay, Peru, South America)

Chris and Penny Gibbs (Malawi, Africa)

Oklahoma North American Missionary Focus:

Paul and Jennifer Fuller West Tulsa Ok

They have an upcoming Block Party. Pray that God would send people their way and that his spirit would saturate that event. Please also pray for a hunger for God among the contacts they have already made and for revival among the children.

Missionaries around the globe:

Hajduk, Radovan and Tanya – Croatia/Slovenia
Harrod, Nathan and Tanya – Spain
Hayes, Shane and Dena – Chile
Hemus, John and Sherri – United Kingdom
Hosmer, Ed and Naomi – Japan
Ikerd, Keith and Beth – Namibia
Jewett, Lynne  – Guatemala
Johnson, Jaydie – Mali
Johnson, Louis and Martha – Ethiopia/Rwanda
Kelley, Robert and Jerolyn – United Kingdom/Ireland/Channel Islands
Kennedy, Eddy and Della Mae – New Caledonia
Kim, E. J. – South Korea/China
Kinney, Harold and Helen – Faith Promise Ministries Representative for North America
Kline, David A. and Alice – Lesotho

Thank you Oklahoma prayer warriors!

God Bless